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"My trip to Australia"@Shino Sugimoto

I went on a trip to Australia from Jan.13th to 22nd. I have to say the trip was absolutely fantastic and the weather was wonderful! It was certainly hot but only in the daytime and not nearly as humid as I expected. It felt more comfortable than Tokyo in summer. I stayed at the home of Mr. Keith Lovell who came to Japan two years ago to judge Airedales in our championship show. Keith and his wife Trish were really hospitable to me while I was there even though they were so busy. As a matter of fact, their Welsh puppies were born the day before I arrived and a litter of Airedale puppies was born while I was there. On top of this, they were expecting some other Airedaler guests from the US the day after I left.

Keith's house is surrounded by farmland and is only ten minutes by car from the beautiful town of Warragul. His property is enormous and has several large kennels, as well as several side-by-side kennel runs, orchard, vegetable garden and even farm with four rams. Keith usually keeps one or two dogs in the house. Abba who was mated recently was in the house during my stay. A Welsh puppy, Wonder had been placed in the garden next to the kitchen to help her to get used to being with people. Keith was more than willing to show his Airedales one by one at my request. At first sight , they seemed hyperactive, but actually they were really obedient.

As well as Visiting the other Airedalers, and going to two dog shows, I also played golf which was a totally unexpected event and visited the penguin parade which was one of the highlights of the trip. We also went to Healesville, and the Yarra Valley wine producing region, and had a lot of wonderful Australian food, Keith and Trish gave me so many marvelous and rare opportunities and I enjoyed them all. To my surprise, I realized at the end of my trip that I had driven 2,374 kilometers in their car during my stay.

Shino and Torish at winery
back yard for Airedales
Healsville/ koala
enjoyed golf with Keith,David and his son
near Phillip Island
at the caffee
sightseeing in Melbourne

Mrs.Glenys Cochrane and Keith held a BBQ party for me on the first day of my stay and many Victoria Airedale Club members attended. We arrived at Glenys's house, went out in the backyard and her four Airedales ran up and welcomed us. The two adults were so cheerful, friendly and well trained, and the two puppies were so cute! They were like typical puppies you can find anywhere. They were excited and tried to jump at me. There is a law banning docking in Australia, so their tails were long and undocked! I felt a little strange as that was unusual for me.

Other members were beginning to gather and everyone got stuck into preparing the BBQ. Before I left Japan, I heard the BBQ party would be held at the poolside. To tell the truth I could not decide whether to take swimming wear with me or not. But I clearly figured out that I didn't need it. There was a pleasant, cool breeze blowing. It didn't seem like a summer evening. It was my first time to meet most of the people there except Keith and Trish but whenever Airedalers from anywhere in the world get to know, they immediately become friends. I talked about my dogs and showed the pictures. And then we talked about Airedales in Japan and Australia, our club, training and things like that. There was a lot of food on the BBQ and way too much dessert! They were so good; especially I liked the pavlova which was the national dessert in Australia.
Although it had grown dark before we knew it, our chat continued in the living room. Finally we left her house and by the time we arrived at Keith's house it was almost midnight.

Glenys and her Airedales

the members of Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria

I visited Ron and Anne of Old Iron. Anne produced Margaret River who is by far the most prominent Airedale in the world today as she won Best of Breed for two years running at the Montgomery show. Ron is Keith's best friend and he drove for over two hours to pick me up.

Their house was next to the national park and was surrounded by hills and trees. As soon as I got in the house, the grooming table in the center of the living room caught my eye. There were big glass doors leading to a large back yard for dogs. I suppose Anne can easily groom and train their dogs. The sight attested that taking care of the dogs occupied the great part of their life. Anne gave me a very warm welcome. After the lunch, she showed me their dogs so I could take pictures and she also demonstrated the dogs' training. I was absolutely amazed! Their Airedales looked like quality dogs and seemed very lively. They kept their eyes on Anne the whole time and did a standing show pose wagging their tails. They looked Happy indeed!

After that, Anne and I took her favorite dogs Bacchus (male) and Pekoe (female) to the river by car. Bacchus is the brother of Margaret River and is very active in the show world like her. Anne let them off the leash at the river bank, where it is allowed. We met many people and dogs off leash during the walk. Each time Anne said hello to the people and Bacchus and Pekoe said hello to other dogs in their friendly canine way . The people and the dogs were very calm and none of the dogs tried to play, just exchanged greetings. And when Anne called their name, they ran up to her. I was really impressed with them. That's exactly the kind of dog I'd like to have! I admire Anne for producing lovely Airedales with such a good temperament.

CH. Old Iron Hermitage(Bacchusj
Anne and her Airedales
Old Iron Orange PekoeiPekoej
We walked Bacchus and Pekoe
Ron and Anne

Keith and I went to "Benalla Kennel Club Show" and "Lang Lang Association INC"on Jan.19th and 20th. They were all breed championship shows and there were not so many Airedales because of the weather. Keith took his favorite dog CH. TJURINGA FIRECRACKER (Bang) to both shows.

On Jan.19th, we drove about four hours, on this occasion, we didn't take the freeway but drove along the back roads which were lined on both sides with beautiful eucalyptus trees, to the show venue. The show started in the afternoon and it was terribly hot, especially for the Airedales. Bang looked very gorgeous with his beautiful trimming, correct conformation and wonderful temperament.
At the next show, it took about one hour from Keith's house and it started in the morning. The weather was even better than the previous day. Suzanne and Lyn whom I met at Glenys's house on the first day took their Airedales and Welshes. The venue was so large and, as well as the dog show there was also a horse show, a vegetables exhibition and a woolen yarn exhibition. So that was an extra treat.

What really amazed me was the size of Australia. We needed a lot of time to drive anywhere we wanted. I can't believe how energetic Australian people are! I was really impressed with the Airedales who were raised by big-hearted and cheerful Australian Airedalers!
Keith & Trish, Glenys, Ron & Anne, David & Kay and all the members of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.

CH. Tjuringa Firecracker(Bang)
ileftjKeith irightjAnne
Ch Fyreoayre Robbertyundarms
Kingaire Quite a Riot
Airewood Sweet Charity
Yeloman Just a Lover
CH. Matranensis Earthquake
Airedale puppy