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Willow will be seven years old in next February. This autumn, he enjoyed seeing Tom and Janet who bred him. Willow doesn't get along with Diane and Tenko although they are his wife and daughter. When they talk to Willow, he sometimes can't stand them and talks back to them running to their room. However if I call him, he returns at once. Very good boy! He hates staying home when I go out, and he wish to go with me anywhere.
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ATCJ Tokyo Championship Show 2004
ATCJ Spring Championship Show 2004
He doesn't like to be a model for photos
(from left) Wiilow, Maia, Maple
with Tom
with Jante and Tom

On May 17th 2001, A boy Airedale we had been waiting for arrived. His name is Willow. He was born at Robroyd Kennels in Yorkshire. Sire is CH. Robroyd Granite and Dam is Robroyd Ruby. In Japan, he is the first Airedale that comes from Robroyd Kennels.Many thanks to Tom & Janet who were willing to send us their Willow.

When we met Willow at Narita Airport for the first time, he was very cheerful and never looked nervous. We instantly fell in love with each other.

We were impressed by his well structured body. We became sure at that time that he would become one of the most excellent stud dogs in Japan in the future. We are keeping fingers crossed!

3 months
4 months