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Peri was our first Airedale and I didn't know about Airedales very well when we had Peri. But she had a lot of good qualities. And when we attended the trimming seminar, the instructor saw through her quality and persuaded to take her to a show, where she got first place in her class. And then we were fascinated by showing. Finally Peri completed championship when she was 6 years old.

Peri was strong-minded against dogs as are most Airedales. But needless to say, she was very gentle against people. Besides she treated her company with every respect. She never had got angry to Bill and her daughter, Red and Roughty. And they also loved and respected Peri.

We also felt at ease when Peri was with us. She had a great effect on us and we were into an Airedale world!


10 years old; Last picnic at Norikura highland
6 years old / Left ,Peri / Right, Red
6 years old ; with her baby
5years old / Left, Peri / Right, Red
8 months
2 months; with Bill